Thursday, April 3, 2014

All Things Social Studies

                                                Social Studies - March - April 2014

8th grade students are currently completing studies on the Civil War and that conflict's consequences. Students have analyzed technologies from the time period and their impacts, as well as how it affected and was affected by individuals.  Students examine the African American point of view through the film Glory.  The class also considers ways that the Civil War is still relevant and how there are ramifications of this conflict still today.

6th and 7th graders are concluding their unit on Ancient Rome.  And as all CCS middle schoolers know, the Romans were great borrowers and builders. Each student researched and became the class expert on a particular piece of Roman architecture.  They then taught the class about the importance and modern relevance of their structure.  See pictures of some of the projects created below.


Currently they are exploring and determining the reasons why the Roman Empire fell.  Next up: the Muslims!  Then the Middle Ages!

The Quiz Bowl team wrapped up its season this year at Falls Village on Wednesday, April 2.   It was a fun season, highlighted by the annual Parents vs Kids match.

Geography Bee.  On Friday, April 4, Donovan McCray will be representing CCS at the state level.  We are all very proud of Donovan and wish him the best of luck!

On a personal note, my daughter, Adeline Rose Vincent was born on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 to two very proud and happy parents.  Thank you to everyone at CCS for helping to make this such a wonderful experience.  Both mother and daughter are doing great!  While I am out, I am pleased to have Beth Dineen teaching my classes.

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