Monday, February 24, 2014

Spanish Valentines

Once again this year the upper grade students made colorful Spanish valentines.  These were distributed to the homeless and hungry during a Valentine's Day celebration in Harlem on February 8th.  Under the direction of Sister Mary Lanning and her outreach project "Street Corner Gourmet", several hundred people enjoyed a tasty meal, received a small pouch of personal goods and were given some warm clothing.  As folks waited for their meal, they were presented with a handmade valentine.  One cannot overstate the pleasure that these cards bring to the people that receive them.  Many thanks to our caring students who worked hard to create thoughtful, beautiful cards.

Extra help/review Spanish is offered to all interested seventh graders after school on Mondays.  Sixth graders are welcome to stay on Tuesday afternoons.  Pick up time for both afternoons is at four o'clock.
These sessions provide extra practice on vocabulary and grammar; they are also a great opportunity for those individuals who would like to conference with me about writing and projects.  Although there is no regularly scheduled meeting time for eighth graders, students are encouraged to make arrangements to see me for extra help as needed.

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