Friday, December 13, 2013

Updates from Math!

6th Grade Math

As the first trimester wrapped up, so did the third unit in sixth grade math on integers. As this new trimester begins, sixth grade has started to dive into our first unit in algebra! With algebra comes lots of hands on activities to discover the relationships between numbers and variables. Our current unit looks at order of operations and algebraic expressions. After the holiday break, we will begin to look at algebraic equations.

7th Grade Math

As the sixth grade is starting up their first unit on algebraic concepts, the seventh grade math class is completing their first unit on algebraic concepts. They just finished up a unit that focused on writing and simplifying algebraic expressions, which gave us lots of opportunities to play and learn with manipulatives! Our next unit will move onto solving algebraic equations and will continue to present opportunities to play and learn with more manipulatives!

7th Grade Pre-Algebra

The seventh grade Pre-Algebra class is in the middle of a unit focused on ratios, proportions, and percents. We have been looking at graphs of proportional relationships that will help lead to an understanding of linear relationships that is a large focus in the Algebra I curriculum. As we come to the end of looking at proportional relationships in this unit, we will use what we learned to investigate the connection between percents and proportions.

8th Grade Math

The eighth grade math class is finishing up a unit focused on algebraic concepts as well. We have spent the last couple weeks practicing solving all different equations! One-step equations, two-step equations, equations with variables on both sides, equations that involve combining like-terms, equations that involve the Distributive Property, and equations that involve all of the above! Equations with one solution, equations with no solution, and equations with infinitely many solutions! This deep understanding of equations will help lead to a deeper understanding of linear relationships, which we will study later this year.

8th Grade Algebra I

The Algebra I class is currently learning about linear relationships. Although we spend a few units focused on linear relationships, we are currently working on graphing. We have been practicing graphing linear equations in slope-intercept form, y=mx+b, and in Standard Form, Ax + By = C. We have enjoyed watching some videos that students and teachers have created to help us remember the steps for graphing these equations! Our next unit will continue to focus on linear relationships, but move towards writing equations.

Enjoy the holiday break and time spent with family and friends! 

-Miss Krueger

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