Monday, December 2, 2013

Spanish (Week of December 2)

Thanksgiving is a time when I pause for a moment to reflect upon the many things for which I am grateful. At the top of my list this year is the educational trip I took to Fuengirola, Spain in July.  This trip was made possible through the generosity of CCSFE (Cornwall Consolidated School Fund for Excellence).  Thanks to CCSFE I became a full-time student again, participating in an intensive Spanish course for two weeks.  This was an around-the-clock experience; every moment was spent absorbing the Spanish culture.  My days there were full and exciting and I look forward to, both formally and informally, sharing my adventures and insights with the students at CCS.  Thanks again to all who made this trip a reality!

I am also grateful to be working in a school where families value education.  I enjoyed the time we spent together during conferences discussing your child's progress in Spanish.  Your feedback is enormously helpful and I appreciate the conversations that we had.

As we start a new month, these are the topics that we will be working on together in Spanish class:
Grade 8 will focus on the universal themes of health and human emotions.  By the end of this new chapter, students will have the ability to talk about feelings and navigate a basic visit to the doctor's office.  Grade 7 students are learning how to talk about their families and homes.  This week students will start creating a family tree.  In grade 6 students are learning how to describe themselves and others.  Next week they will start writing an "Album de Recuerdos" (memory book) about a selection of their friends and family members.

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