Tuesday, November 5, 2013

English News

Grade 6 just finished the 1st class novel, No More Dead Dogs. One of the best parts of this unit was the opportunity for students to learn legal terminology and  work as "attorneys" for the prosecution or defense in preparing opening statements for a mock trial. They collaborated in class and from home using Google Drive.  Students used details from the text to create evidence, motives, alibis, witnesses and counterarguments.Everyone did an excellent job presenting their statements. They were creative and convincing making it a difficult decision for the "jurors".

7th graders are reading their 1st class novel, The Schwa Was Here. They are learning how to answer reader response questions using text evidence and personal connections. After completing these questions they meet in small groups to discuss their ideas. Each group member takes a turn leading the group through his/her question and asking others to respond. Together the class wrote expectations for behavior and preparation when meeting in groups.

Grade 8 recently finished Bruiser by Neal Shusterman. For the final project, students are linking the events and characters in the text to related "real world" issues such as abuse, addiction, emancipation, pain management, and more. The projects will combine informational writing and the analysis of the text using evidence. Some students are acting as psychiatrists or social workers to present the information as if the characters are clients. Others are choosing to use PowerPoint, Prezi or Google to create multimedia presentations.

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